Five mistakes people make when hiring divorce lawyers and family lawyers

Posted By William Gonzalez on Apr 29, 2020 |

The process of divorce is a long and both emotionally and physically tiring, the process for everyone who goes through it. Even a minor setback in this whole ordeal will cost you both time and money to get back on track and even then it may not be on the terms you wanted it to be. The following are 5 of the mistakes that people make when hiring a divorce lawyer.

  • Hiring the wrong type of lawyer

Before you hire a lawyer, you need to know what kind of divorce process you want to go through. For those of us in Melbourne, the choice of a type of lawyer is huge. For example, if you want to settle your case in a friendly and peaceful way, hiring a shark layer may not be the best choice, and chances are you’ll end up fighting in court and end up dragging the case for longer than is necessary and end up wasting all of your money on the legal proceeds.

  • Not choosing a lawyer who has the proper technical experience

It is simply not enough to have a lawyer who specialises in family law anymore in this modern day and age. There are (almost always) special twists in families now. For example; a husband and wife run a business or jointly owned rented property. In this kind of cases, you need a lawyer who knows how to deal with valuing and dividing those said businesses/properties.

  • Not having a proper understanding of the fee agreement

Divorce lawyers in and around Melbourne typically charge their clients by the hour. Their usual process is to receive a down payment upfront from their client and then charge their future services by the hour. You need to know what they will charge per hour, whether the down payment covers court costs or if you are charged extra. Most important of all, take your time and read the fee agreement before you sign it.

  • Hiring a law firm that may pass your case around lawyer to lawyer

You may have a law firm representing you, and it is important to you that a specific lawyer represents you, it is of paramount importance that you include this into your agreement. Otherwise, that law firm may pass your case to whoever is available and suited. In this case when your usual lawyer doesn’t represent you, the replacement lawyer who pitches to represent you may not be familiar with you history or your needs and this causes the time factor to get increased since the new lawyer has to go through the files to gain an understanding of their client (you) from scratch.

  • Hiring the lawyer who guarantees victory in the case

One of the main mistakes that we make is hiring a lawyer who says that they can win the case no matter what. It is important to remember that no lawyer can ever guarantee victory. Even though they are the most experienced in their field, the outcome of the case will depend on the judge and the jury. So make sure you don’t fall for the marketing pitch of whoever lawyer you meet. Do your research and find the best de facto lawyer in melbourne to flight your separation case.

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