Cantilever Racking – The Perfect Warehouse Shelving System

Posted By William Gonzalez on Jun 22, 2017 |

There are different types of warehouse shelving solutions which may be used in different situations. The type of racking system used depends on several factors including the type of goods to be stored. Nowadays, several types of goods are shipped across the world using pallets. For moving such goods, pallet racking offers a good storage and racking solution. However, various other kinds of goods are often not shipped on pallets. For such goods, other types of storage and racking solutions may be used. One such system is cantilever racking.

Cantilever racking

This type of racking is a preferred choice while planning warehouses. You can Contact Multiple Racking Solutions for designing appropriate racking solutions for your warehouse. The solutions may be designed to meet the specific requirements of your warehouse. Few features of this type of racking include:

Materials used

Lengths of steel are commonly used for creating cantilever racking. Few other types of materials like lengths of tubing and timber may also be used for this kind of racking. The materials may be chosen according to the type of goods to be stored.

The length and size of items to be stored

Cantilever racking can effectively be used for stacking and storing goods of different lengths. Varying lengths of tube, steel bar, angled sections and flat sections may be stored using this kind of racking. This type of racking may be used for stacking and storing both small and large size items.


Cantilever racking is extremely adaptable and may be customized according to the needs of the warehouse. It is available both as fixed installations and adjustable systems. The racking system may also be used for stacking bar cradles.

Easy access

Another distinguishing feature of cantilever racking is the easy access it provides. It consists of upright supports which are located at the rear side of the installation. This provides easy access in different storage situations.

Cantilever racking offers a convenient warehouse storage solution. The distinguishing features of this type of racking makes it a preferred choice for warehouses. In order to realize the benefits of this type of racking, it is however important to contact reputed and reliable warehouse shelving manufacturers. For effective warehouse storage solutions, you may consider warehouse storage solutions by Multiple Racking Solutions The company is a reliable racking and shelving solutions provider in Melbourne. They may be contacted for customized and quality warehouse shelving solutions.