How two storey custom home builders in Perth can help you

Posted By William Gonzalez on May 1, 2017 |

Two Storey Benefits

The advantages of building two-storey houses in Perth include street presence (two-storey houses of a looks beautiful and impressive), more living options for space, saving the backyard space to install pool, build a playground or creating your dream garden. Two storey custom home builders in Perth can create houses that are ideal for coastal habitats, rural areas is around, hill that overlooks the city of Perth or are nearby rivers, lakes and canals.

Maximize space

If you have a small block or narrow, there is no need to compromise the living space, such as the second floor will double the space in your home. A second floor also creates a natural separation between different areas of life, for example, between the bedroom and children’s bedrooms or living rooms and bedrooms. This reduces the space lost in the houses which have corridors to create separate wing of the house. Two storey houses also have a smaller number of interior walls, and open residential areas create a greater sense of space.

Cost effective

One misconception is that adding a second floor doubles the price, but actually a two storey home may be a less expensive option than a single storey. In fact, the cost of additional land that is required to have the same size of a stage should be considered. It is often possible to reduce the size of the land and build, especially with high density and popular suburbs, where land prices are high.

Light and Airy

There is nothing worse than a shadow of another house to live in, and building a second floor Means your life more natural light and air, and improve the quality of life of your family.


A second story will help you maximize your view, whether it’s oceans, rivers, green areas or the Perth roofs. Two storey builders in Perth can customize your preferred plan to use a view, for example, the kitchen and living room on the second floor, and balconies with innovative design.

Two-storey houses are generally not well-accepted by the elderly due to stairs, but for those who are willing to pay the price, there are options to help seniors with their highest level such as lifts or elevator access. Often the assumption that two single-storey houses are much more expensive than single-storey houses is enough to discourage buyers, but mastering houses have developed a unique design that allows them to build two-story models at very high less prices. On the other hand, these 2 storey custom home builders in Perth offer a wide range of materials to reduce costs, and are more than willing to change floor plans to suit individual buyers to make two-story homes more affordable.

The new technology used by Domination Homes involves building the upper floor on the ground first and lifting it up to finish the construction underground. This facility ensures that the work is terminated at the basic level and in a safe surrounding. Use of heavy equipments is avoided which lowers the budget. Consult the skilled team of Domination Homes for expert opinion.

In terms of construction, the first step is to first build the wooden floor and ensure that it holds the entire house at the desired floor. This method means that all work is done at the ground level that provides a safer working environment, but also means that you should not use scaffolding, cranes or other bulky and dangerous devices.

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