Turning Scrap Metal Into Art

Posted By William Gonzalez on Jul 22, 2020 |

Creation of art is not restricted by the type of materials or tools used. Innovative and creative artists and sculptors often end up creating beautiful pieces of art using the most unusual materials. Decorative Fab Metal is a blog that showcases some exquisite artwork made from scrap metals. You can watch videos and read posts which provide ample information regarding the creation of sculptures using scrap metals. Watch the video which showcases the work of Filipino welder Mario Mallarie Jr. The welder creates scrap metal art using all types of scrap from automobiles and from various other sources. The video provides a glimpse of the procedure involved in creating scrap metal art.

How to make money through Scraping & Recycling Metal

Recycling scrap metal is a common way to make money around the world. There are some basic tricks which can be followed for making money through recycling of such metal. Different metallic objects disposed by people can be collected and then carried away for recycling. Two brothers decided to make a video in which they collect different old and wasted objects for recycling. Some of these objects include a defunct washer, battery, bathtub and sink or even cash for scrap cars . All the objects are being easily carried in their trailer truck, which against was bought at a really low rate. This is a good way to work and make money in case you do not have a regular job.

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