Why Get Slab Foundations For Your Home

Posted By William Gonzalez on Nov 18, 2018 |

So you are looking to build your new home. You have got your piece of land and your designs are all ready. Now comes the next step: what is the best option for the foundation for your home?

Are you looking for some space beneath, like a basement or crawl space? Do you think about flat land or do you want to build another section below? You have a range of options at your fingertips, but what works best for you?

Our answer is: slab concrete foundations. And we have the five solid reasons why this is the option for your new home.

Strong Foundation For Life 

You know how strong slab concrete is? It is basically unbreakable unless you have such force that it could tear it apart. That means that over the long run, the foundation of your home is secure. It is tough, durable and will last you for decades. We are talking about 50 years or more. That is a long time and provides a great comfort in knowing that your home is secure.

Effective Installation

Unlike other housing foundations, which could take weeks to create or settle, slab foundations only take a day or so to install and less than a week to be solid. Instead of wasting time developing your home, the most important and solid structure will already be secure.

Safer In The Long Run 

Over the years, your home will be exposed to the risk of flooding and leaks. But you can eliminate that threat completely when you have slab foundations. Strong and durable, they will be able to remove these risks and secure the foundation for your home.

Will Stop Termites & Growing Moss 

If you have a basement, there is always a chance that you will find yourself facing growing moist, moss and the threat of termites. But if you have a slab foundation, none of these things will happen. There will be no threats or problems as these issues will have no chance to grow.

The Money You Will Save

When you combine all the points above, you come up with one final answer: money-saver. You cannot go past on how cost-effective the installation of slab foundations is for your home. When you add together the longevity, the strength and the pretty much no problems, you get the best bang for your buck!

We hope that we have convinced you to get slab concrete foundations for your new home. Obviously, don’t try this process yourself; talk to a professional and ask them about the best way you can get these slabs for your home. Our suggestion is to speak to the likes of JC Pacing. They are the experts when it comes to home foundations, exposed aggregate paving, slab foundations and concrete pavers in Melbourne.

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